Specialities - Oncology

The department of oncology is amongst the most active units at the hospital. Providing services in Surgical and Medical Oncology, it has on its staff some of the best-known oncologists in the field. Approximately 10,000 out-patients, 1400 in-patients and 1600 daycare patients benefit from its services each year. About 1500 surgeries and 1000 chemotherapies are conducted annually.

Oncology Department


  • The department is equipped with a mammography machine for early detection of breast cancer, endoscopes for early detection of head and neck cancers, and PAP smear facilities for detection of uterine cancer.
  • Besides offering surgical and medical oncology services, the department is associated with the radiation oncology departments at the Tata Memorial Hospital and the Lady Ratan Tata Institute to provide comprehensive cancer care to its patients.
  • The Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic, a unique facility run entirely by volunteers who are themselves cancer survivors, is a no-charge associated service of the Oncology Department, providing emotional support, as well as prostheses for women who have undergone breast surgery, speech training for patients of laryngeal cancer, and education in the care of colostomies after intestinal surgery. The service is open to all, irrespective of where they have been treated.

The latest addition to the Oncology Service is its own 16 bed ward. Designed with the special needs of the cancer patient in mind, the architecture of the ward maximizes the use of natural daylight and ventilation, and an appreciation of the need of patients to relax in privacy with family and friends.


The department of Surgical Oncology which is functioning since the last 15 years, is comprises of a well trained team versed in almost all types of Oncosurgery.

The department caters to subspecialities of Surgical Oncology :

  • Head and Neck
  • Breast
  • Thoracic
  • Urogynaec
  • Bone and Soft Tissues.
Oncology Department

Advanced operating expertise is backed by post operative care of the highest quality. Keeping in touch with the latest developments in Oncosurgery, it boosts of CO2 laser machine for resection of early and moderately advanced cancer.

The department also has a good reconstruction team which provides state of the art rehabilitation to the patient who undergoes radical and mutilating surgery.

The department offers DNB courses in Surgical Oncology and a fellowship Programme in head and neck surgery is also available.

The department is also associated with two BMC Hospital for the purpose of imparting head and neck Oncosurgical training to ENT post graduate students.


Oncology DepartmentThe department has Medical Oncologists (currently 4 faculty members), fellows, Oncology nurses and soon will have post-graduate students for DNB.

The Aim And Objectives Of The Department is to

  1. Provide Best Care To The Patients With Evidence-Based Medicine And Prescribed Guideline
  2. Offer Clinical Trial Drugs And Supportive Care To The Deserving And Consenting Patients. This Is An Important Therapeutic Care In Oncology .Currently Done Clinical Trials Are Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approved.
  3. Train Clinicians And Nurses With Theoretical And Practical Information Through Daily Training, Workshops And Continuing Medical Education (CMEs).

    While it is A Comprehensive Care System for Oncology

The Department Has Specialized Expertise in

  1. Management Of Leukemias, Lymphomas And Myeloma (LLM)
  2. Solid Tumor Malignancies Like Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Head And Neck Cancer, Lung Cancer and Colon Cancer.
  3. Paediatric (Childhood Cancers).
  4. High Dose Chemotherapy With Autologus Blood Stem Cell Transplantation
    (HSCT / BMT).

Programmes to be Launched in Near Future

  1. DNB in Medical Oncology - Started in February 2008.
  2. There will be one Student Registered Each Yea. The Training will be Comprehensive.
  3. Allogenic Haemopoetic Stem Cell Transplantation.
  4. Primary Care Physician in Oncology (PCPO) Training Programme. This Programme will help in.
    • Physicians
    • Nursing
    • Patients
    • Medico-Social
    • Clinical Trials

Consultants :

Oncology ClinicSurgical Oncology

  • Dr. Sultan A Pradhan
    (Surgical Oncologist)
  • Dr. R Kannan
    (Surgical Oncologist)
  • Dr. V Srinivas (Uro Oncologist)
  • Dr. Charudatta Chaudhary
    (Plastic And Microvascular Surgery)

Medical Oncology

  • Dr. Tapan Saikia
  • Dr. Boman Dhabhar
  • Dr. Nandini Hazarika
  • Dr. Reetu Jain